Grow your business with the right tools & strategies

We are giving #5 Million Naira as service grant to businesses thinking of new ways to scale, diversify and even rebrand.


Lead your company forward by improving on your operations and rallying everyone around your new roadmap.

Consolidate all product ideas and develop marketing structures that enable you increase your revenue.

Understand what works for your organization and determine how best to show it to the world.

A complete business toolkit

We make it easy for entrepreneurs to have access to independent professionals that could help their businesses thrive and grow.

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SMEforfuture is a initiative designed to help entrepreneurs with the right tools and independent professionals on the go. This service grant was created for a stipulated period.

Click on register, fill out those informations and click submit, we would communicate the next step via email.

Ten businesses would win the grant.
We would go through all applications, verify your documents and reach out to businesses that qualify. After which our next stage would be a video conference cal with our independent professionals who would ask relevant questions and shortlist the ten businesses to benefit.
Any business registered business with over two years in existence.
Depends on the service that would be required, but anything between one to two months.

FOR businesses

Building SMEs for Future


Since the presence of Covid-19 a lot of unprecedented disruptions has occurred globally and this opens a new world of improved digital space, forcing Local businesses to either evolve or die. More businesses would be mandated to come online and navigate a larger audience.

We created this Five Million Naira (#5,000,000) plan to aid Ten businesses who are poised to be the next global brands with the needed tools like digital marketing, web design, content creation, opertion, sales and marketing and Public relations to help compete in this digital world, scale up and think globally, the initiative is called “SMEforfuture”.

Terms and Conditions apply.


Helping businesses with the right tools.

Most business want more than just cash, the right team and strategies would help get the business to where it should be. As a professional you would give exactly what these businesses need, in terms of strategies and required tools.

You have to learn the rules of the game, then you have to play better than anyone else.
Albert Einstein

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